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Banners and Logos

For data download
Regarding data download

The Exhibition Secretariat provides logo data for the media. Please download and use the logo data from the link below.
You can use the logo data for any media, including websites, magazines, newspapers, etc. We do not provide the data on CD-ROMs or other media.
We do not provide CD-ROMs or other media.

If your article is published on the web, please send us the URL of the page by e-mail.
For printed materials, please send us a copy of the magazine in which the article appears.
Please note that we may introduce the media you have used in the "Report of the event" issued by the secretariat (distributed only to those concerned) as media coverage.
Please note that the secretariat reserves the right to refuse publication if it determines that the use of data is inappropriate.
If you have any questions, please submit your manuscript to the secretariat in advance for confirmation before publication.