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Exhibit Guide (2025)

Exhibit target


Coaters, laminators, gravure, flexo, Inkjet printing machines, slitters, rewinders, film forming devices and related equipment, inspection equipment, control systems, rollers, web handling devices, static and web sheet cleaning devices, blades, testing / measuring / analysis equipment, pulverizers / mixers, other peripheral equipment

Smart manufacturing zone

Control systems (web control, web guides), web defect inspection and measuring systems, printing inspection systems, sensors, communication modules and devices, FA equipment, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning systems), production control systems, on-site manufacturing systems, etc.

Next-generation devices zone

[Processing Technology / Equipment for Next-generation IoT devices]

Semiconductor processing equipment, processing technology and equipment, printing / related equipment (gravure, inkjet, screen, flexo, transfer printing, photolithography, etc.), Printed Electronics, FHE (flexible hybrid electronics), 3D-MID, imprint, sputtering, micro-pattern exposure equipment, etc.

[Examples of Next-generation IoT devices]

Rechargeable batteries, next-generation solar cells (perovskite solar cells), capacitors, smart packages, smart labels, sensors (temperature, humidity, bio-sensors, EMG, ECG), organic TFT (display, sensor), OLED (display, lighting), display (LCD, e-paper, LED), biometrics, wireless devices (RFID, wireless power supply, etc.), etc.

Multiproduct manufacturing zone

Converting and printing machinery for flexible manufacturing, digital printing, contracting services for flexible converting

neo functional material

Materials zone

Functional materials, functional resins / additives, coatings / paints / inks, adhesives, PSA / release agents, functional films, etc.

Composite materials zone

Light-weighting plastics (thermoplastics / thermosetting plastics / CFRP / GFRP) / composites (CNT / CNF / glass fiber / other fillers) / compositing technology / equipment, joining technology, etc.

Digital R&D zone

Materials informatics (materials search, property prediction, first-principles calculation, etc.) / process informatics (process search, realtime sensing, process simulation, etc.) / common technology (autonomy search system, high-throughput experimentation / AI robot, analysis / evaluation / measurement, etc.)

Nonwoven/Functional paper zone

Nonwoven fabric, functional fibers / fiber sheets / compound materials, filters, functional paper, paper / special paper, pulp / raw fiber / wood materials (cellulose / CNF / biomass plastic) / paper making materials, paper making chemicals, etc.

Prototyping / Contracting zone

Contracted manufacturing, research, analysis, measuring, prototyping, pilot production, OEM, R&D support (test sample production, etc.), consulting, etc.



Bioplastics (bio-based plastics / biodegradable plastics), wood-sourced materials (paper / cellulose / tar / lignin), mineral-sourced materials (limestone / calcium carbonate / mica / glass / mineral wool / glass fiber / carbon fiber / cement, etc.) / untapped resources, ethical resources, etc.

Processing equipment

Converting-related equipment

Film cleaning device, solvent recovery system / solvent recycling system, deodorizing device / VOC abatement equipment / exhaust gas treatment device, solvent-free technology, energy saving system, etc.

Recycling equipment

Crusher / pulverizer, cutting machine / shredder, sorting machine / compactor, plastic pelletizing machine, granulator / molding machine, melting machine, other recycling equipment etc.

IT, Others

Resource circulation platform / digital service / consulting, etc.


Decorative films and transfer foils

In-mold lamination film, in-mold transfer film, overlay transfer film, overlay lamination film, water transfer film, deposition film, transfer foil, hologram film, etc.

Decorating and transfer equipment

3D decorative molding technology, insert molding, in-mold lamination, in-mold decoration, surface decoration technology, trimming equipment, die-molds, etc.

processing technology

Decoration, molding, graining, hair lining, sandblasting, heat & cool molding, decorative plating, coating, gloss application, finishing technologies, design, etc.


Sensing / Measurement 

Recognition of bodily information and emotional Information, kansei and comfort evaluation, brain-related technologies, wearables and other electronic devices and components, measurement and analysis equipment, etc. 

Work / Communication 

Five senses communication (tactile, olfaction, voice, image, language), human augmentation (augmented technology of senses and emotions), XR/metaverse, robotics (collaborative robots, partner robots, soft robotics, robot-friendly environments, assist suits, elemental technologies, etc.), AI, 5G/6G, organizational vitality/productivity improvement, diversity and inclusion, products and services that contribute to safety and security, etc. 

Material / Space 

Comfort materials appealing to the five senses, space design, interiors, etc. 

Academic Research  

Ergonomics, affective engineering, information engineering, cognitive science, brain science, artificial intelligence, psychology, sociology, etc. 

Exhibit Plan

Plans & Rates

plan Fee per booth (tax included)
(Domestic companies/overseas (other than universities and laboratories))
Regular fee (less than 7 spaces) ¥418,000
Special fee (more than 8 spaces) ¥396,000
Independent legal entities/public institutions/associations/organizations
(Only organizations with an address in Japan)
University / Laboratory

Booth allocation is made by the organizer with consideration for order of apply, the number of booths and exhibit record.

Plan Details

[The exhibition fee covers below.]

  • Exhibit space 1 booth = 9m2 (opening 3m x depth 3m)
  • If there are adjacent booths: partition panel (2.7 m high)
  • Online Product information registration (materials, images, videos)-Max.10 *Co-exhibitor: Max. 3
  • Obtaining viewer data for the materials and videos listed above
  • Use of Business Matching System
  • Invitation Letters

What is not included

  • Booth decoration cost
  • Construction and usage fees for electricity and telecommunication lines, etc.
  • For corner booths: Aisle-side panel
Booth Image

Download Exhibit Guide (PDF)

How to apply

Please apply online using the form below.

Click here for exhibition application form

Exhibitor Rules and Regulations are here:
(Please make sure to read them)

Application Deadline:

September 30 (Mon.), 2024

  • The exhibition contract will be effective upon receipt of the application by the organizer. Exhibitors who have submitted a provisional application will automatically switch to the main application as of August 1, unless they cancel by July 31, the expiration date of the application.
  • *However, if all spaces are reserved prior to the deadline, the application will no longer be accepted, so please apply early.

Payment of Exhibit Fee

An invoice will be issued by the exhibitor online system after receiving the official application.
*Please make a bank transfer of the exhibition fee to the indicated bank account by the date indicated on the invoice.

Application Cancellation

Cancellation may not be made after submitting the application form.
However, if the secretariat determines cancellation is unavoidable, cancellation shall be accepted upon payment of the cancellation fees listed in the chart below.

Cancellation fee rateBased on the date cancellation notification was received in writing. cancellation charge rate
 July 31 (Wed.), 2024 0% of the invoiced amount (including taxes).
August 1 (Thu.), 2024 -
September 30 (Mon.), 2024 
50% of the invoiced amount (including taxes).
October 1 (Tue.) , 2024 and thereafter 100% of the invoiced amount (including taxes).


January 17 (Wed.) Exhibitor application starts
 July 31 (Wed.) Deadline of validity of provisional application
September 30 (Mon.) Application Deadline:
October Exhibitor briefing (tentative)
December Deadline for submission of various documents
 January 27th (Mon.) and 28th (Tue.) Move-in / Setup
 January 29 (Wed.) -  31 (Fri.) Exhibition dates

Additional Options

Exhibitor Presentation


You can promtote your services through a presentation to a large number of unspecified visitors to the exhibition hall.

plan Fee per frame (tax included)
Exhibitor Presentation
(30 minutes per slot)

Exhibitor Presentations 
With audience data
(30 minutes per slot)
  • *Audience data includes pre-registered attendees and actual attendees.

Package Booth

Package Booth Application Contact

Construction company designated by the organizer

How to apply

After completing the exhibitor application, a separate notice will be sent to those who wish to exhibit.

Booth Fee (tax included)
1 booth ¥143,000~
More than 2 booths Contact us
Booth Image

Included in the package booth (for 1 booth space)

name of product (technical) specification volume
Display Cabinets with Sliding Door W990×D700×H750 2 units
Reception Counter W900×D450×H800 1 unit
parapet H300 one sheet
Name Plate *Gothic Font Gothic type (W1200 x H200) 2 units
Folding Chair - two legs
Brochure Stand - 1 unit
Name Card Box - 1 piece
Arm Spot Light 100W three lights
Carpet Carpet accumulation, 9m2 1 formula
Electric Supply * including power comsumptionr of lighting epuipment (300W) 1kW
Power Socket Up to 700W 2
Trash can - 1 piece