CONVERTECH neo fuctional material GREEN MATERIAL 3DECOtech

About Our Show


Exhibition Name CONVERTECH 2025
neo functional material 2025
3DECOtech 2025
Date  January 29 (Wed.) - 31 (Fri. ), 2025
Site Tokyo Big Sight East Hall
  • Converting Technical Institute
  • JTB Communication Design
Concurrent Exhibitions WELL-BEING TECHNOLOGY


Synergistic effects of four exhibitions from upstream to downstream of manufacturing

Many products and technologies essential for manufacturing, from materials to processing and devices, will be gathered. Many visitors with specific needs will be in attendance, seeking solutions to issues from a variety of perspectives. Collaboration proposals between exhibitors as well as between visitors and exhibitors are also very active.


including processors and converters.
from a wide range of manufacturing industries

Visitors will come from a wide range of industries, including electronics, automotive, batteries, and packaging, in search of new products and technologies. Expect to discover needs not only from existing target groups, but also from unexpected applications.


Many people actually involved in the field, such as those in R&D departments, visited the show.
More than 40% of visitors were in R&D and product development

Direct approach to those involved in research and development is possible. Through in-person meetings, we can help you understand the potential of products for which you have been struggling to develop new applications, as well as your needs for new development.


Exhibition Theme

”Printing, Coating, Laminating, Slitting" Converting Machinery / Technology Exhibition

An exhibition of equipment and materials related to "coating, pasting, and cutting" that support converting technology. Converting technology plays a fundamental role in the manufacturing process of not only components for smartphones and displays, but also in new energy fields such as smart houses and smart grids. CONVERTECH is an exhibition that proposes solutions for the creation of new value and the challenges faced by manufacturing sites from the production side.

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New Value Generating Functional Materials

In order to keep up with the fierce catch-up from overseas markets, it is necessary to constantly create new "value" and "function" to compete with them. neo functional material" proposes materials that realize the value demanded by the market, along with the trends of the time.

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MONOZUKURI for "People, Society, and the Earth"

Rather than simply pursuing human affluence, we are now required to manufacture products in consideration of the global environment. We propose not only environmentally friendly materials, but also production process technologies that contribute to the realization of a circular economy, and platforms for collaboration among companies.

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Specialized in the Decoration Technologies that Create New Value through the Fusion of Ornamentation and Function

The value of an object depends not only on its design, but also on a wide range of factors such as visual, tactile, and usability qualities, as well as the attachment that is born from these qualities. 3DECOtech is an exhibition of technologies and materials that add design and functionality to products. In addition to the dissemination of information on techno-trends, end users, designers and brand strategists will be invited to discuss the creation of attractive products.

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A Better Society through Materials and ICT

We consider wellbeing to be "living and living in comfort and abundance. The conditions for wellbeing cannot be expressed in a single indicator. It can be achieved through the interaction of a variety of factors. We have high expectations for new products and services that are the result of co-creation with many players beyond the boundaries of industry, as well as for the technologies that make them a reality.
Focusing on "environment creation" for wellbeing, this exhibition will serve as a venue for collaboration among product and service developers from various industries, ranging from materials and space design to sensing technology and robotics, to contribute to the realization of a wellbeing society. We will contribute to the realization of a wellbeing society.

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