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Dear Press

For Press and PRESS

Visitor registration will open in mid-November.

About Interviews and Filming

Please take the following points into consideration when covering or photographing the exhibition.

  • (1) All those who wish to be photographed on the day of the event must wear a press armband. Press armbands are available at the Press Center. Please return them to the Press Center or the Registration Desk when you have finished your coverage.
  • However, in order to avoid any trouble, please be sure to obtain permission from the exhibitor before taking any close-up photos of their booth, products or data.
  • (3) Photography in the conference building (symposiums and seminars) is prohibited in principle, but you may temporarily enter the room for the purpose of reporting on the exhibition.
  • (4) If you wish to interview the organizers, please come to the organizer's office of each exhibition.

Please be sure to send us the magazine or journal in which the content of the interviewed or photographed was published at a later date.

Press Center Information

Visitor registration will open in mid-November.

For exhibitions and organizers
For inquiries about coverage
For inquiries about coverage of exhibitions and organizers, please contact

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